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A-CPS (Aster Certified Payroll Specialist)


Payroll processing is an essential function that involves arriving the ‘net pay’ of the employees after making the necessary deductions. This program provides profound insight on various earnings and deductions components and its eligibility and applicability with complete calculation.

Payroll is one of the subjects which requires 100% accuracy, means ZERO ERROR, so knowing payroll partially or without enough practice or without practical exposure, will no way give any additional benefits to your career.

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About Us


•Growth, expansion and modernization
•Can maintain zero error payroll
•Productivity and profitability, reduces cost and finally enhances skill and knowledge
•Prevents obsolescence
•Helps in developing a problem-solving attitude
•Gives people awareness of rules and procedures

Who can Join?

•Fresh Graduates/Diploma with any specialization
•Working professionals who want to switch profession
•Anyone who wants to start their career in HR
•And anyone who is interested in Human Resource Management

Mode of Learning

•On the Job Training (OJT)

Course Details

•Min 15 Days (Online or Offline)
•Classes will be there till you do payroll on your own
•Flexible Timing
•Weekdays / Weekend Classes
•Free Job Assistance
•Projects to practice
•Life time support after course completion OR 6 Months (OJT)


•Any Graduation / Post Graduation


Module 1

Over View of Payroll Management

•Role of Payroll Department
•Compensation Structure
•Benefits, Claim & Reimbursement
•Attendance Management
•Different Pay Components
•Definition Earnings & Deductions
•Basic Impacts

Module 2

Earnings & Deductions

•Eligibility & Calculation
•Depths insight of different earning components
•Depths insight of different deduction components
•Tax Exemptions and Sheet Maintenance
•Deeper understating about Income Tax and TDS

Module 3

Payroll Processing and Reports

•Gathering Payroll Inputs
•Depth insight of Deductions (EPF, ESI, IT/ TDS, PT, LWF & Others)
•Depth insight on Tax Exemptions
•Depth insight on Benefits (Gratuity, Encashment, OT, Holiday Wages, Bonus Etc)
•F&F Preparation
•Salary Register & Payslip Preparation
•Other Reports Preparation
•Payroll Workout Session
•How to validate payroll sheet to ensure zero error

Module 4

Statutory Compliance

•EPF & ESI Filing
•Profession Tax Filing
•Income Tax & TDS Filing
•Preparing FORM 24Q, FORM26Q, FORM16
•LWF Return Filing
•Complete walk through on PF & ESI Portal
•Complete walk-through TRACES •Corresponding Sheet Preparation & Maintenance
•Different FORMs

Module 5


  • Payment of Wages Act
  • Payment of Bonus Act
  • Payment of Maternity Act
  • Payment of Gratuity Act
  • EPF & ESI Act
  • International Workers
  • Workmen Compensation Act
  • CLRA Act

Module 6

Advance Excel

Application/ Scenario based training for followings

  • Mail Merge with TOGGLE Fields
  • Pivot Table
  • Data Validation
  • Charts
  • FORMULAS (How to use multiple functions in same formula to achieve particular task)

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