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Statutory Compliance Training

Overview Statutory means “related to statutes,” which is Rules and Regulations. Compliance stands for adherence. Thus Statutory compliance means “To Follow the rules and regulations.” Statutory compliance is a legal framework under which the Company must function all its duties.   Without having much knowledge about this, would be really very difficult for HR to frame


A-CPS (Aster Certified Payroll Specialist)

Overview Payroll processing is an essential function that involves arriving the ‘net pay’ of the employees after making the necessary deductions. This program provides profound insight on various earnings and deductions components and its eligibility and applicability with complete calculation. They receive extensive training and gain an in-depth knowledge in this field which will make


A-CHRM (Aster Certified Human Resource Management)

Overview This program provides professionals with very competitive advantages in the world of HR; as they receive extensive training and gain an in-depth knowledge in this field. This training course gives the participant the boost to widen their professional skills and expertise. Benefits Growth, expansion and modernization Productivity and profitability, reduces cost and finally enhances


CPS(Certified Payroll Specialist)

Payroll is one of the subjects which requires 100% accuracy, means ZERO ERROR, so knowing payroll partially will no way give any additional benefits to your career.